Villa Playamor
Fully staffed with luxury
accomodations for 16

Guest Comments

July 2011

"Thank you for everything and all the coordinating you did to make this trip happen for all of us.  I have only the "finest" of feedback for you.  I really loved the villa and just felt so well rested and relaxed during my entire stay.  There was something about that upstairs balcony that just called my name everyday.  I felt so relaxed up there and enjoyed the ocean brezzes.  It truly was paradise for me.  The staff was really accommodating and very kind.  I wanted for nothing the whole time I was there and all my needs and expectations were far exceeded.  I would reccommend Villa Playamor to anyone!  Truly an amazing experience and the place just makes you feel at home but in a very dreamy and spectacular way!  Thank you so much again for everything and please share with Dr. Spencer our extreme graditude for opening his home away from home to us.  Chris would agree with me on all points.  He never checks his email but maybe once a month so you may not hear from him but he had a lovely time as well.  We couldn't ask for a better experience." 

June 2011

 The villa was AMAZING for them.  It was just perfect.  I think they were surpised (those that had not been there before) how nice it was.  I understand they didn't leave the villa the whole time they were there.  Again, this place has been a huge blessing to us is so many ways.  Josie (do I have her name correct) was also a blessing in helping out.  I look forward to being there with the next group in November.  Thank you! 

Norm C.

June 2011

Norm and Harletta,
  We had a WONDERFUL time at Villa Playamor this past week!! The house is lovely, the staff is so nice and is willing to do anything to make the stay pleasant. Nelly, Rosemary and Willy were on hand for any questions. We didn't see Sandy much (twice). Ramone made us feel safe at night. I have made a review of the villa on VRBO website.

 All in all we had a wonderful time and would definitely go there again. Thank you so much for the info the pig roast! It was awesome! We ate on it for 3 days. Nelly and Rosemary were probably glad to see us go because we put away some food while we were there! I'm sure they felt like they were in the kitchen all day long. We just chose to let her prepare what she wanted with a few requests and she didn't disappoint. We loved the egg recipe in the book that has the cheese, salsa and tortilla chips in it. She made that for us again our last morning and we praised her for it!

We had massages/pedicures at the villa on Monday. Tuesday we did the jeep/safari/waterfall tour. Wednesday we went on the catamaran tour and Thursday we took a taxi to the city and a man named Macarana showed up with the taxi driver and gave us a great tour of the city with info, good stops (jewelry, cigars, mama juana drink and the fort). He kept the peddlers at bay and kept us on track for the day. We did not go up the mountain (it was cloudy most days) but maybe we can do that next time.

The only casualty we had was on the catamaran trip Rob stood up on the boat inside and broke a dome light above his head. he didn't realize it had broken and walked forward and got a few scrapes/gashes on his head. The crew cleaned it up well and it stopped bleeding and he was still able to snorkel. It was not deep enough for stitches (one of the Cindys on the trip is a nurse). It is healing nicely. I was just glad he hadn't started drinking yet because that would have made it harder to stop the bleeding.

Everyone had a great meal at Chris and Mady's the first night. That was the only meal we ate out other than the lunches on our 2 day excursions.
I look forward to going again one day. Maybe with the kids next time.
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