Villa Playamor
Fully staffed with luxury
accomodations for 16


                  Front                                             Street

            Back/pool side                                      Swing

               Night Pool                                   From upper balcony

              Upper Balcony                           "Three feets to the wind"

                Main Porch                               Lunch on the Porch

              Dining Room                                    Dining Table

                Living Area                                   Living Area

                  TV Room                                        Kitchen

            Skylight over Stairway                   Stairway to Heaven

    Handicap Bath                     Typical Bedroom

      Bedroom                    Typical Bath                Bedroom

       Bedroom              Upstairs Game Room

           Snuggle Time                                   Lunch Time

             Pool Time                              

       Pool Conversation Pit                       Beautiful  Sunrises



Sunrise on the island
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